Below is a sample of unsolicited, unedited feedback I've received from readers of my book. If you've already read the book and would like to send in feedback or your success story, please contact me here.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!! I bought your book for my husband about a week ago and I have been keeping him on the diet and he is already moving around like he did a couple years ago before his AS got really bad.

He isn't saying much but I can tell he feels better because he's not as grumpy! :) He even helped me bring in the groceries last night, something he hasn't done in several years. I can't wait to see how he is doing in a few weeks!

- Crystal Summers

Thank you micah! Your book rocks!!! I was really skeptikal at first because i have tried other diet ideas for arthritis stuff in the past and they havent worked not even a little but yours is already helping after like 4 days and i havent even been 100% strict not eating [offending food]. I will let u know how I am doing…

[Got this message 3 weeks later...]

SWEET!!!! I can run again! for like the last year I coludnt even jog becuase it hurt so bad in my butt but yesterday i went and played ultimate frisbee with my friends and i didn't even think about my AS. Thank you so much man!!!

- Jessie Goldfarb


Many thanks, mate, for answering my incessant questions. I know you've likely answered al of them in the book already, but perhaps I just wanted a little reassurance!

Dunno if it makes all that time you've spent seem any more worthwhile, but I've got to say that I'm feeling quite spry thanks to you and your book. I've got quite a bit less ache in my lumbar, and my bum (pardon the phrase) isn't nearly as sore. The old ache in my right knee's letting up, too.

I'm, honestly, in a bit of a state of disbelief. I thought I was just going to be in pain forever and that was it, you know? After 3 weeks to feel this good seems a bit of a miracle.

- I'll keep you posted.

[2 months later...]

Did I ever have AS? Honestly, I'm not sure at this point. It seems like some strange, hazy memory now. The only remnants I can find are that my hips are "crunchy" when moved in certain ways, but it doesn't hurt.
I've even taken up running again, something I'd given up with much anguish 6 years ago and thought I'd never come back to. Thanks for everything, Micah, most especially making this information available and easy to understand. It's truly been a blessing.

Warmest Regards,
Geoffrey Nail

Micah, your book has been a blessing. I know you already know it works, but I just had to write you to tell you that you have changed my life and to tell you my story…

I stopped eating [offending food] two months ago today and found a doctor who was willing to work with me and would prescribe ["booster" drug] about two weeks later and started taking [drug].

At first I was very frustrated and almost quit the diet because I thought I would see instant change, but then I remembered that you say that it's different for everyone and some people get better right away and others take a little while.

Well, for me it was like a light switch got flipped around week 3. I just remember waking up one morning and starting to go through my stretch routine, and when I started to do "Downward Dog" (the yoga pose) I couldn't believe it! Just the day before I couldn't even get halfway down without my lower back being on fire and all of the sudden I could just drop right into it no problem!

Over the next few days it felt like…how do I say this? Ok, if my pain was a fire, then someone poured a big bucket of water on it and just put it out. There were some embers for a while, but now they are going out, too!
Overall I just feel amazing and I can't believe how it happened. Thank you for giving me my life back.

All the best,
Adrianna Kutikov

The worst part of AS for me was that I couldn't pick up my kids. I know you're young so you probably don't have kids, so that might sound kind of stupid, but I have a four year old daughter and two year old son and they are what makes my day melt away when I come home from work and they run up to me screaming DADDY!! and I scoop them up in my arms and they give me a kiss on the cheek.

About a year ago the pain in my back started to get so bad that I couldn't pick them up anymore. I remember the first time I didn't reach down to pick them up because I just couldn't and Abigail, my daughter, started crying because she thought I didn't want to or I was mad, and it broke my heart.

Well, sorry to be such a sap, but as of today I was able to pick them both up without hurting (GOD they got heavy!) for the first time in a long time. I know it's silly that this is what I think of all things to write but anyway I just wanted to say thanks for making that possible.

Ok, I'm gonna go write Hallmark cards now.

- George Thurman

To Mr. Cranman:

Many thanks for providing exactly what I wanted — some real answers!

Since I was diagnosed around 2 years ago, I had been so frustrated with my doctors and their complete and total inability to explain WHY my body was doing what it was doing. They just kept saying it was a "malfunction," but the whole time that just felt like their way of explaining away the question.

I'm an analytical person, and I was incredibly frustrated by this answer. From my perspective, it only seems logical that the body does everything it does for a reason, and usually a good one. I just knew there had to be an explanation for why my body was causing me so much pain, a strange logic behind it.

Well, your book gave me just that: the answers I wanted. But more importantly, it gave me the tools I needed to solve the underlying problems that were causing my AS.

Today, I'm a new man because of the information you've taught me and the implementation of the diet and strategies you outline. I can't begin to thank you enough for giving me back my peace of mind and my health.

Yours truly,
Robert McCulloch

Micah, Micah, Micah…

You did it, buddy! You freakin' cured me!!! :)

Ok, ok, I know there's no such thing as a cure, but damn does this feel like it, dude. I haven't felt this good in a LOOOOOOOONG time. Your no [offending food] diet is spot on, bro. I started feeling the difference right away and full relief came probably 4-5 weeks in.

Pretty incredible to me that what we eat can have such insane and devastating consequences…and that this information isn't more widely available or mainstream in the medical community. Bah, stupid Big Medicine! Thank God for the internet! Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm doing great thanks you and that I couldn't appreciate it more. You're my hero, buddy! :)

Pain free and loving it,
Julian Segars

I've got to be honest. I thought your book would be total B.S. when I bought it and was NOT expecting any results just from eating different but I got it anyway because I was at wits end and something had to change for me or I was gonna lose my job and be dead broke in addition to tons of pain. I was desperate and willing to try anything. Seriously, I probably would have smoked crack if I thought it would help.

So anyway first couple days nothing at all and I'm thinking that you totally scammed me and i was gonna get you back with your little guarantee when it didn't work but I kept at it and started to feel better after like 5 days. By day 9 all the pain was gone.

I'm like "WTF was going on all this time with these shitty medicines I'm taking" and I actually started to get really, really pissed the f*ck off at my doctors for not telling me about this cause its so damn obvious now and so easy.

Now I have a new doc who supports your ideas and things are going awesome and i feel like I used to before AS. Thank you so much man.

Cole Hardy
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